Client Feedback


Hearings & Interview Transcripts

"I also wanted to thank Dawn Larson for her patience and diligence in getting us the reporting as soon…as quickly as possible."



"A third and last word of thanks for the diligent work on day 3 and on the other days, too."

(Attributed to Michelle Kirkpatrick)



"So, I will close tonight's proceedings with particular tribute to Mr. Kasdan's service in the trenches. He often deserves not just a long service medal but a Purple Heart which I think we jointly award him."



"Now we still have to discuss corrections for the Transcript. We would invite you to sort this out among yourselves. I don't think there will be many corrections because you did an excellent job, in particular today, with the speed that the oral arguments were made, and the fashion in which you followed them was extraordinary. So thank you a lot, Dawn."



"Thanks so much for a magnificent job!" (referring to Dawn Larson)



"Thank you very much for your excellent services." (referring to Dawn Larson)



"Thank you very much for the excellent transcripts and my best wishes for the Thanksgiving holiday. " (referring to Dawn Larson)



"I just wanted to reiterate what a pleasure it was to meet you over the last couple of weeks, quite apart from your extraordinary skill and endurance."



"This is the cleanest hearing transcript I have ever seen." (referring to Dawn Larson)



"Thank you and your team for your quality service."



"And I want to thank our stenographer, who, as usual, does an excellent job."



"I would like to thank also Mr. David Kasdan for his firm control of the proceedings."



"Well, I think it just remains for us to thank, as always, our shorthand writer, Dawn, who never complains always."



"It's a huge thing to know you can trust the transcription and not have to wonder if they've been sloppy."



"I would also like to thank Margie Dauster for her stellar work with the Transcript, which has been produced efficiently and with minimum fuss. Thank you for that."



"We thank our Court Reporters, Dawn and Victoria. And on behalf of the Tribunal, I have some macarons for them because you did a great job."

--Prof. KMS--


"You don't know how much we count on your work "



"The same applies, of course, to our Court Reporters, who are not new to us, I should say. I have seen both of them in a number of cases and it's not by accident, of course, that they are here again. I have said that once before of the many things which are a miracle to me is how they get all these words on paper so fast and so well. But I'm used to it by now, so I just thank them for this special expertise."

--Prof.-Dr. KHB--


"And the reporters in the back of the room, they've heard me say this before, but I will say it again because I can't add to all the praise that I have vested on you gentlemen over the years. What can I say? You're the best, both of you, and thank you very much."

--Mr. LYF--


" I would like to thank David for his reporting, and I'm very impressed with the accuracy of it, albeit using American spelling."

-- Mr. MP--



"Once again, many thanks for your brilliant work and your endurance.  It is truly a pleasure to work with you."

--Mr. AJvdB--


"And I would very much like to thank the Court Reporter, who has done a great job, as always."

-- Prof. GK-K--


"I thank again David Kasdan for his amazing facility and skill in producing text in which he's got to take account of the range of different accents."

-- Sir KK--


"We recognize the miraculous efforts by the Court Reporters in transcribing our various contributions, some more audibly challenging than others, and these individuals we would like to name in person: David Kasdan, Randy Salzman, Johanna Marshall, and Cathy Jardim."

-- Mr. VVV--


"I would like also to thank David for the excellent job that he's always making."

--Prof. PT--